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Mike Schwartz, Ba. P. Sci, MGSO, HLC, Pn, PTS

I specialize in Musician Wellness. That’s right, I help industry pros and recreational players alike, folks just like you - live a healthy and active lifestyle.

I coach functional movement, injury prevention, proper nutrition and a winning mindset in an effort to educate the music industry on how to maximize performance on stage, keep the creative juices flowing strong and lead a better quality of life all-round. 

I know how important that is to you. How?

I’m a musician too. 

When we start working together, I personally guarantee your success.

Sure, there’ll be highs and lows, and days days where we’re not friends, just like any relationship. It’s Important to remember we’re here for a reason. You want to play for hours without pain. You want to fit into the old clothes. You want to wake up feeling rested. You want to be happy. You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. You’re ready to change the story you’ve been writing for the past however long. I’m just here to help you put pen to paper. 


So you’re a musician and your body aches, you can't sleep and you eat like garbage?
Cool. I can help.

Take my Artist Lifestyle Check Up below for a personal prescription and get back to the stuff that matters!


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