Inspiration Comes From The Sun

Inspiration Comes From The Sun

When I first set out on the path focused on inspiring others to move beyond their greatest fears, I had no idea what I was doing. I still question it some times. We all have this little voice inside our head that tells us, “No! That’s not the right way to do things…” Can you do me a favour and put that voice on silent for the next three minutes?

Where do you get your inspiration from? Is it the landscape or the environment you’re in? I’m currently sitting on my balcony in Fitzroy, a trendy little suburb of Melbourne full of street art and hipster beards. I love it for getting out and enjoying the sights. I take in a renewed perspective of life. So much can come from our experience. Words don’t even start to do it justice. 

But maybe that’s not for you. Maybe external motivators only go so far… maybe you’re all about the inside game. How you wake up. How you feel. How the food that you eat provides nourishment to your brain to power through a big meeting with the suits after already helping you through a full yoga session in the morning before you leave for the day. Maybe your inspiration comes from within…

Either way, a key to success is to be able to harness inspiration and use it as the eternal motivation for the darkest days. That’s right. No one talks about the 8 weeks of missed attempts, but we’re all about the feels after we push through a new personal best score when we’re standing on the podium. Very rarely are there overnight success stories. More often, the night lasts years and years, and those champions see the worst of it all. 

Remember that when you’re finding your inspiration. That’s why I like the sun. It’s the same sun I had in Calgary, Hawaii and Toronto. It’s warm, sure. But it’s not for the highs. That warm Inspo is what gets me through the mud. 

Stick it and stay sweet.👊