The Nappuccino

Alright folks, quick and simple today.

I have a mid afternoon hack to boost that energy by hacking your sleep cycle and adding a little pick-me-up in form of caffeine.

Here is the hack. First of all, it’s important to understand why this is a hack. We are dealing with science. We’re going to blend sleep science with stimulant science. We’ve all been there before. Afternoon rolls around and we start to feel those heavy eyes. However, when we crash for a little longer than we planned for we tend to wake up with that groggy feeling. Generally speaking this happens because we break into the first REM cycle of sleep. Ordinarily this is great, but when you disrupt that cycle you generally wake up feeling unrested. So how do ya do it?

The ideal snooze time frame is from 10-20 minutes. So, get ready… set an alarm for 25 minutes. Now, caffeine hits the blood stream within 20 minutes. So shotgun an espresso and hit the sack. Provided you can fall asleep within 10 minutes or so, your alarm will wake you up just as your body is rolling into REM. That’s why we give you a buffer of 5 minutes. The added bonus shot of caffeine hitting your bloodstream at the same time your waking up kicks your butt in gear with a refreshed (and stimulated!) attitude.

The Nappuccino.

You’re welcome.

Mike Schwartz