My beef with “cheat meal” mentality

Alright, I’ve gone coo coo for coco puffs! 

There is no such thing as a cheat meal. I know that’s probably the craziest thing you’ve ever heard, but here are my thoughts. 

What/who the eff are you cheating on? 


Your diet?  

Sonce when was this a test? What happens if you don’t pass!? Do you fail your own nutrition?  

That’s messed up.  

See my point? When you integrate a hardline concept like cheat meals you’ll typically eat “clean ish” Monday to Friday, hate your life, and blow it up on Saturday night with the guys when you drink yourself silly or eat a whole pizza. This typically results in a shame-filled Sunday, generally over a clean meal prep of chicken and broccoli for the first half of the week... and bam. Back to square one.  

So, two things.

1. Scarcity mindset is a real thing. When you treat the weekend cheats as that, you burden yourself all week with the feeling of “strict discipline” just to 2. gorge and wallow in shame and guilt.

Remember when your folks told you you’re grounded for the weekend. What’d you end up doing? Listen? Yeah right. You snuck out, 9 times outta 10. No one listens to that little voice, so just minimize the impact. 

Here are my tips to implement a “no diet, diet” approach to mindful eating.  

1% each day: I’d last weekend you ate a whole pizza, try for just a couple slices. And stop calling it a cheat! Food isn’t good or bad. You can’t pass/fail. You make better decisions more often and THAT’s how you get leaner, quicker. Cool? Cool.  

Keep the red light foods out of your home.  

Let’s face it. When we have to take more than 20 seconds to get something, we lose our patience and figure something else out. Keep the chips at the sev. Walking across town just to get that fix? Doubtful. Win. Celery and hummus tonight. Boom. 

Make the call and feel free to make emotional decisions on food, just consciously make them. Understand that you’re a grown ass adult and the food you eat and the fuel that powers your body is a decision you get to make. Put shit in, understand it’s not going to come out gold. Do that enough and you won’t achieve the results in performance, recovery, mood, aesthetics etc... but that’s your call and you’re certainly not a test.  

Stop calling it a cheat.  


Rant over.  

If you’re still looking for help on what to eat, how to move and how to live healthier with a crazy ass schedule... please pick up my guide here

Until next week,  

Stay sweet!