Altitude Sickness

Live each day as though you’re the person you want to be.

For anyone that doesn’t know, I’m a massive fan of Conor McGregor. For those of you unfamiliar with him, he’s a professional mixed martial arts fighter. Proud Irishman, rags to riches story and just an electric personality. I see a lot of me in him and even more of who I want to be in him. I’ll explain this throughout the read, so just stay with me.

First off, his athletic ability is uncanny. He works like an animal, trains hard and smart. Check out his Netflix special “Notorious”. But all his crazy athlete awesome stuff is not where my admiration comes from. I’m impressed with his authentic belief in himself. He’s got a commitment to self-worth and a fantastic ability to create the life he wants around him. He truly believes he is Gods gift to MMA and that he is the most dangerous man to step inside the octagon with and he’s not shy to tell you all about it. And his success supports all of this, regardless of your personal opinion of the man. Truly, he’s the definition of manifestation.

You see, there’s this term called “Altitude Sickness” as coined by Will Smith. It describes the feeling Olympic Athletes, overnight celebrities and other very successful people experience after their sudden rise to fame and fortune actually hits them.

I get it. You could be surprised when you suddenly reach that level. You know who probably wasn’t? Conor McGregor. He knew his path all along. We were the ones that were caught by surprise.

Now, I don’t fight well, I mean I boxed for a year as cross training to skating, but I’m certainly not Conor McGregor in the ring. However, if I share one thing with him it’s that I too didn’t experience Altitude Sickness. I’ve envisioned my life unfolding the way it has for a couple years now, and if anything I’m even better at creating the energy, and giving back true value and service to the community I serve.

I love being at the top. I love knowing that I am the best at what I do. I love knowing that each day what I do makes a positive impact in other peoples’ lives. And I love the process that it took to get there.

Yes, it was hard work, some days felt like it’d never work, but perseverance - the true sweat and passion for the process and knowing that the story I tell makes a serious difference - that’s what kept me motivated to get up that 10th time after being knocked down 9…

I dress the part and know the best is yet to come.

Here’s one drill I did after reading Dr. Joe Dispenza’s “Becoming Supernatural”

First write down a letter on a blank page. Draw two squiggly circles around that letter, kinda like an aura of awesome.

Write down 4 things you want out of your life. Maybe it’s a new job - so write the 4 things that are non-negotiable about that perfect job.

Then write down 4 positive emotions that you feel when you think about the perfect job you’ve created.

Revisit this sheet of paper and recite those feelings and those qualities and start tying those together. It’s truly amazing what happens over time. Be patient with yourself. This life takes time. Dispenza encourages you not to tie a time line to any of this. Just. Let. It. Happen.

I encourage you to step up and live like the person you want to be. You may not be there right now, and that’s okay. Keep the thoughts and the actions on track and in-line with what your ideal self is and you will soon too not be surprised with this Altitude Sickness bullshit.

We’ll see you at the top soon.