You can graduate, just never stop learning.

I’m not entirely sure where I heard this for the first time. Maybe it was Robbins, or Dyer or Rohn. Who knows. Maybe I just combined a inch of thought into one of my own. I have a tendency to do that. This one stands out for me. Here’s why:

Recently I picked up a summer job gig, It’s fine. I’m outdoors, raking and landscaping type jobs on a local golf course. Nothing to write home about, no radical career shifts, just a paycheque as I line the bigger picture up. Now, I never thought I’d say that after reflecting on my first couple of days “I had a great day”, followed up with “I can’t wait to be back in Melbourne, so just let me explain.

This gig has taught me a lot about myself in relation to others. Even though I’m just coming into my prime early thirties, I have experienced so much love, disappointment and failure and persistence in the first quarter of my life that when my new friends at work ask what I do I ask them how much time they have and just chuckle.

I don’t even know where to start sometimes. It’s been eye-opening for me and so fulfilling to be able to teach these folks, 5-10 years you get than me from a very “real” stand point, the benefits of becoming aware. I find myself asked to share my thoughts and highly respected at work and it seems like it’s just because I have experienced a lot of different scenarios. I’m well adapted, some would say.

What I’m getting at is that everyone can learn and everyone can share. Experience isn’t bound to a degree, a certification or any sort of title. Anyone can teach you something. You just have to be open to learning.

Here are three things I’m very grateful in a retrospective kinda way that I had the wherewithal to incorporate into my life and would encourage anyone looking to expand their perspectives and increase their efficiency in all of life’s corners to add in to their’s ASAP.

  1. Travel - the real world is raw. You’ll gain perspective, culture and quickly realize that you are a fraction of what’s really going on. Once you see the world you really understand how infinitesimal we are.

  2. Listen - if you wanna prove how dumb you are, and this goes for anything at all - keep talking. When you listen, not only do you know what the rest of the room is thinking, cause they’re all voicing their opinions, allowing you to position yourself more appropriately, but hell, you might just learn something too.

  3. Be Grateful. Accept compliments. This one is hard for me still to this day. Catch yourself with the “no worries” response and change it to “you’re welcome” when someone says “Thank you” to allow for the gift of complimenting to become complete. It’s not a “you” thing in most cases and when people are allowed to give you things like compliments, you’ll soon start to accept more things. Like bigger paycheques, vacations and most importantly, love.

Thats it for today, folks.

I am off to Ontario this weekend for Country Music Association of Ontario inference and awards and then into Burlington for a drum clinic, out for the week. You can find links to those events on my socials @thodocrocmtor on Instagram and /thedocrocktor on Facebook. Also, if you haven’t done so already, please check out my summer enrolment to the Raditude Masterclass. My online community of positive lifestyle awesomeness. It’s a 6 week intensive online series that will have you coming out with a redefined purpose and understanding in how to get your biggest goals met through consistent positive behaviour and attention to your lifestyle.

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Til next week… practice being grateful, listening and maybe get out of the house this weekend. Go explore, my humans! I’ll catch you all next week.

Stay sweet