Ritual vs. Routine

There is something to be said about the power of language. I like to think of words as the currency your mind cashes in on, so it does pay off to use words well.

We tend to use “routine” in place of “ritual”. Some of you might think, “what’s the big deal?” 

Have you ever caught yourself saying things that as they escape your mouth, you’re immediately rethinking your word choice?  

I know I have. I do it daily. 

I am going to stress the importance of using incorporating a ritual into your day rather than a routine. See what I mean?

The word ritual holds a heck of a lot more power than the mundane tasks associated with routine.

Who excels without risk? Who see success without taking chances outside their comforts. Outside their routine... Right?  

Good news. You can trick your mind if you’re crafty with your language.  

The next time you wish you had something  - cut the wish and just put in the work to get it. You got this.

The next time you might  pick up a few things for groceries, drop the might and get them. Be strong. You’re hungry. You deserve it. 

Words are funny. I promise if you start being more direct with your words, you’ll change the way your mind reacts and in turn you’ll start getting all the things you might have once wished for. 

Make it a ritual.  

Til next time, stay sweet! 



Words turn behaviour turn action.

Words turn behaviour turn action.