Unicorns Are Real 🦄

I’ve had a revelation. When we’re kids and our big, crazy dreams are squashed by the adult figures in our lives, jaded by fear, insecurity and other social contexts of experience we keep our amazing “Aha!” moments to ourselves later on in adulthood... likely a subconscious act. Have you ever thought “if no one knows, I can’t possibly fail”? 

Well if you’ve had those kinds of thoughts, I’d like you to quietly pick up a shovel, go out to your backyard and start digging a hole. We are going to bury that stuff in the past!

What’s enclosed below is a guide I’ve pieced together to help myself dream big, stay inspired to follow through and in turn inspire others around me to live their fullest lives. 

Unicorns Are Real

Let’s talk about how to create. Whether you’re an artist, a photographer, a writer, a chef, a poet, a songwriter... anything, first and foremost you have to detach yourself from what you do. You are a unicorn. A magical creature that can do anything you want at any point in time of your life. In fact, if you wanna try to do everything ever, I implore you! From racing motorbikes to curating visual art, there is absolutely nothing stopping you. It’s only when you tie yourself to a thing that you create limits.

One really sweet thing about having a wild imagination is that you can tap into unlimited creative confidence in whatever pursuit you take up. That’s the magic. You’re a unicorn, alright. Wild and free. Majestic and bound only to your thoughts of what you want to be. Run wild, baby! 



Now, to all those unicorn haters that asked “how?” when you came up with a brilliant idea (like flying to the moon on a lollipop rocket ship with your best friend named Carlos) I say, “who cares how?” Generally these people come from a different way of life where they were taught to scratch and save and never learned to exchange love, trust, hope or inspiration as a form of currency. Sadly, that also limits their ability to dream and create. It’s okay. As long as you don’t let them toxify your unicorn awesomeness. Careful, because these people can be really close friends, family or colleagues. It doesn’t matter how close they are if they’re funking up your Qi!

Now just hold on to your horses! You don’t have to get crazy! You don’t have to make any drastic cuts right away. Just show up a little bit later, spend a little less time and leave a little earlier when you do decide to go to their parties, if you know what I’m sayin’...

Nevermind The “How“


When talking about creative pursuits and thoughts and expression of ideas the how will sort itself out. What’s most important is the continuity of the thought with other creatives, meshing and bubbling and percolating and creating a big, lovely mess of awesome. 

Crazy Is Good 


When you are exploring new dimensions of your imagination it’s important to have a healthy dose of crazy when it comes to expected outcomes. Here’s the thing, your mind can’t tell the difference between what is really happening and what you’re telling it. This is why negative thoughts can actually derail projects. Have you ever talked yourself out of something because of other’s (or your own inner) doubts? 

Get crazy when you’re thinking about the next big project. Crazier the better. If you want to have an unlimited shopping spree start talking like it’s already happened. Check out how this girl did just that:  

How Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Daughter Manifestes An Unlimited Shopping Spree

Thoughts create action. Focus on what you aspire to be, what you want and start talking as if it’s all right there already. That’s the unicorn way.  

The Follow Through 


At risk of losing some of you with a sporting analogy, a proper slap shot in hockey is entirely dependent upon the follow though. The stick makes contact just behind the puck after a big huge wind up, but the mechanics of the body - the partial lunge, the control from the bottom wrist on the stick and the rotation through the torso all translate to power and accuracy of that slap shot. That’s the follow through. That’s the key to getting things done. If you just setup a bogus shot with little care to how you shift your weight through the movement, you generate far less power and shoot the puck away from the intended target likely missing the net completely. An errand thought that wasn’t seen through behaves the same way.

It’s critical to follow through on what you say you’ll do. It’s easy to be excited about fresh ideas, new songs, the start of a new chapter...   It’s when you get your butt out of bed and in the gym before the day starts when you feel like sleeping in... or when you finally finish that third verse, long after the initial thrill of the new song has faded... those are the moments that define your character. It’s not for anyone else. Whether you complete the task at hand or not is a reflection of if you actually show up for yourself: the most important person on the planet. So do yourself a solid and show up every single time you say you will. 

Lead Through Experience and By Example


 People naturally gravitate to those who get things done. You’ll be hard pressed to find joy in hanging with an unmotivated person. I call those types driftwood... just floating along the river of life.

Personally, I love the feeling of having a “doer” around me. You know, the opposite of driftwood... The salmon swimming back against the current, fighting all odds, goal-oriented and ready to git’r done, no matter what. It’s a feeling that makes me want to hustle, pull up my socks and get my schnitzle together. Social support is crazy good motivation. So are schnitzels. When you keep brilliant company the doors you open (or kick down...) will lead to rooms full of light and even more opportunity. 

Keep it real, homies. Unicorns are real. Go out, dream big and make it happen. You’ll see what I mean.




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