Watch Your Language

Alright, it’s been a minute. I’ve been a little overwhelmed as of late and this is a post that ironically deals with how to make better use of your time.

I am a firm believer in efficiency. Whether you wanna get better at sports, an instrument, math, or just simply get a cool new hobby, you hire a pro.

Time management means making the best use of your time, and if you wanna do it right, hire someone to mentor you through the process.

I wanna introduce to you a new course, geared towards athletes and mindset (which is super applicable to my musician-athletes). It was created by two of my most respected humans, Mark England (Procabulary) and Mike Bledsoe (Strong Coach, Barbell Shrugged). It’s called Enlifted, and I’m hella stoked to enroll.

If you’re an athlete looking to take things up a notch, a musician looking to further develop your career, or a coach trying to stay ahead of the curve… something like the Enlifted Athlete program might be worth checking out.

From what I have heard, you’ll learn how to reshape the stories you have created and ran with In your past in order to level up and dominate life.

Check them online at

In other news, I’m starting my Podcast back up to bring value to the music community. I wanna bring guests on to the show that share the same vision of health and wellness in all aspects of life. If you have any suggestions for topics or heavy hitting guests, please drop me a line. I’d love to bring the best of the best to help you get the most from each episode.

‘Til next time, stay sweet.