How Do I Get (And Stay) Fit?: Top 5 Most Wanted

We all want results, right? Whether it’s slimming down to get back into the favourite dress, having the stamina to keep up with the kids (or grandkids) or just simply having the confidence to go shirtless this summer when you’re at the pool… we all want to feel better about ourselves.

If it was up to just finding the right information we’d all be set. There would be no problem in just hitting up Google and typing in “lose 15 pounds of body fat by my wedding in July” doing what was listed on the first article and bam… all set.

But it’s not like that. Accountability, individualization and so many more factors go into changing lifestyle habits for good. Sure there are quick fixes out there. I don’t support them. Here are my Top 5 resources that’ll help you change your life forever. Check these professionals out.


These guys are the absolute kings of functional fitness, postural correction, exercise rehabilitation and the best part?… They do it in an absolutely hilarious, real-human kinda way. Dr. Mike is brilliant and hilarious Andrew the shirtless guy is one-of-a-kind and the team behind them is full of top level exercise professionals. They have an online program that walks clients through postural correction to sort out weaknesses and imbalances before getting shredded, which is why so many of us should go and listen to what they have to say. Just following their Instagram account has given me many alternative methods to stretches, exercises and teaching approaches I have used in my own practice, so I can speak from experience when I say their stuff works.

Give them a follow on instagram @moveu_official

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Precision Nutrition

Co-Founder Dr. John Berardi is a mad scientist when it comes to nutrition. This behavioural-based methodology of weight management harnesses the power of behaviour, mindset and approaches nutrition as a relationship we should better understand. I am a product of their certification and can say hands down this is the most effective way to train lifestyle goals. Progress over perfection, habits and lifestyle goals aren’t quick fixes. Enjoy the ride. Check these guys out as they’re great for vegans and vegetarians as well as omnomnomnivours like myself.

Visit or reach out to me at to learn more and get started on a behavioural-based nutrition plan.

CHEK Institute

One of the most revered pros on the planet, Paul Chek is full of controversial methods that defy the science and logic of western medicine. Again, as a product of the Institute, I can say hands down the methodology focused on Holistic Lifestyles (stress, sleep, pain, exercise, nutrition, happiness etc…) has been overwhelmingly positive in terms of getting the folks I work with out of their own way to achieving their results. It’s a commitment to taking time to yourself and feeling like you have an ultimate goal in life that I think is most beneficial in the resources provided here. Check them out, and if this seems like a good fit I’d love to hear from you to set up a lifestyle schedule that fits with what you wanna do and how you wanna feel.


Such an incredible program! Mark England, co-founder has developed a method of self-improvement through the power of affirmation language. Language controls our thoughts which controls our actions is the basic theory. They have a quick intro video I’d encourage everyone to look into, I took the whole program 2 years ago and still reap the rewards and review with mark every quarter.

Kelly Starrett

One of the OG’s of functional movement, Starrett is a ninja in the world of mobilization, using alternative approaches to “eliminate pain, prevent injury and maximize athletic performance.”

I use techniques i’ve picked up from him and his team at Mobility WOD with my clients and see incredible results. Check them out if you are hurting. Be forewarned though, some of these approaches hurt like all hell, so if you’re #VancouverSoft, you may want to reconsider…


Remember, if it were just up to the information we’d all be where we want. Accountability and coaching and having someone there to encourage and support is oftentimes the dealbreaker with most of our best intentions. Reach out if you need the support. Take my check up and see if we’re a fit…

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Go out and do something rad today!

‘Til next time, peace!