3 Hacks To Beat The Resolution Hangover

Statistically, within the first 6 weeks most people that sign up to the new gym, get the intro offer from the yoga studio down the road, or my personal favourite - start a new radical diet, give up on their original plans and are right back where they were around Christmas.

Why? A lot of factors can play a role. Minimal results (or more accurately, misinformed expectations), unrealistic goals and time frames, but it all boils down to one thing. Generally a misguided mindset. Here are three hacks to keep pushing, clawing and busting ass in order to be an elite specimen of human.

1. 1% Every Day

This is a bit of a mantra I’ve adopted from my fellow Precision Nutrition Practitioners. Think of where you are and where you wanna be in regards to lifestyle goals. 0 is dead, 100 is optimal, elite specimen. Where are you right now? Take that number away from 100 and that’s exactly how many days away from elite awesome sauce you are if you work on improving only 1% per day. Brilliant, right?

2. Hire a Professional

If you’re serious about getting your book straightened out you hire an accountant, right? You generally take your car to the shop when the engine sounds like your grandmas cat is stuck in the carburetor, right? So when the body is not firing on all cylinders why would you question putting yourself in the hands of the pros? I’d say the car is no good to drive and your taxes don’t really matter if you’re not kicking around, right? Take a look around your area and invest.

3. Get out of “comfortable”

Have you ever tried CrossFit? Yoga? Olympic Weightlifting? Tai Chi? There are so many options for wellness out there! Do your research, hire a pro in that field and get working on yourself. The added excitement of doing something outside your ability or comfort zone will help push you on the days you wanna stay in bed.

Hopefully one of these little hacks can bump you out of that looming rut. If this message resonates with you, please share it with someone you think needs that kick in the junk. Be a catalyst of awesome. You can blame me for making you do it.

Til next time, stay sweet!


Ps. Here is a little list of my favourite CrossFit gyms and Yoga studios I’ve come across to help inspire you to check out your hood. If you’re in the area of any of these spots, say hey for me.

Hamilton, ON - Alchemy CrossFit, Evolve Yoga

London, ON - Forest City CrossFit

Calgary, AB - CrossFit Above All, Yoga Santosha

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