Three Reasons Why You Should Be Eating Breakfast

There are a lot of opinions on food timing in the health and wellness world. Breakfast certainly gets a bad rap from some folks.

"It's too early."

"I feel sick when I wake up."

"I just don't have enough time."

These are all common responses to my question, "Why don't you eat breakfast?"

In this post I'm going to give you breaky haters three reasons you should strongly consider breakfast. It's more than just the obvious nutrient balance. It's a relationship with food. It's a healthy habit. It's a way to feel like you've owned a small part of your day. Let's take a look.

1. A solid breakfast is the first chance you have to build a healthy habit each day

Well. Isn't that sweet? It's true. You wake up, throw on a pot of coffee, scarf down a bagel and you're out the door, right? Not always, if you're like most of us.

We'll generally make time for the coffee, but actually getting more nutrients in you can be a battle.

Food choices are about making the best decision for what's in front of you at that given opportunity.

If you have the choice of a coffee at home, versus a mocha-latte-frappa-lappa-ding-dong from the S'bucks on the way in to the office, take the home made brew. Simple. Good choice made.

It's that simple action that builds a foundation of stronger nutritional decisions later that day.

2. Nutrient balance is essential for mental clarity, physical wellbeing and overall mood improvement

The dudes over at studied the relationship between mood and food. Read it here:[]

It's pretty interesting to see whole foods like avocados, fish and dark chocolate reigning champion as mood enhancers. Try this recipe when you've got 5 minutes and an avocado. I just made it. It was tasty AF.


Smashed Avocado Toast

  • 1 slice of toast

  • 1 half tomato, sliced

  • 1 half avocado

  • A bit of butter/coconut butter

  • Your favourite spices/salt and pepper

  • 1 egg, fried easy


  1. Throw the coconut butter/butter on the pan, turn to medium heat, crack the egg, sprinkle some spices or salt and pepper on and cover. I used maple bacon, 'cause I throw that shit on everything.

  2. Throw the slice of bread in the toaster, boom. Now it's toast. Slice the tomato, slice the avocado. Please don't cut your fingers off.

  3. Butter the toast with coconut butter/butter, smash half the avocado of the toast so you have a nice little spread.

  4. Lay the tomato on the avocado, then the egg on top of the tomato. Voila.

3. Retain energy, all-day, every-day

It's 2pm. You ate a salad for lunch a few hours ago from the little grocer across the street. Blood sugar starts to fail. All systems crashing. You reach for the mid afternoon mocha-choka-frappa-lappa-ding-dong that you skipped on the way in... Sound familiar?

I've been there.

Beat the mid afternoon crash by incorporating a solid breakfast to help regulate your blood sugar. It doesn't have to be massive, just equip it with nutrients from the full spectrum... carbs, fats and proteins. Here's a great resource from my friends at Precision Nutrition: The Super Shake. Check it here:


These quick power-packed liquid meals take the "no time" bullshit out of the equation and throws it in the alley with the rest of the garbage waiting to be picked up by the friendly garbage guys every Tuesday mid-morning, early afternoon if they're running behind. Try 'em out and start to keep that energy all-day, every-day.

And that concludes my case for breakfast. It's not all about just the obvious nutrient balance and the fact that you likely didn't eat food all night you were sleeping... behaviour patterns, mood and energy are all affected so set yourself up for success with a solid start to each and every day!

Stay sweet, folks.