Cheat Meals Are Bullshit: Here's Why...

It doesn't come down to "good" or "bad" food. Food is food.

There are some better quality choices than others, but essentially you get an opportunity to fuel yourself or make yourself sick every time you eat. So, decide what you want. And I don't mean you'll get sick, sick like in the hospital... but you either fuel yourself and have energy or you slow yourself down with nutrition. You know?

Cheat meals are bulLshit.png

The mindset behind "cheat meals" is absolutely garbage. Those that follow this practice of eating "clean" Monday to Friday put an unnecessary about of stress on themselves by carefully watching what they're eating, caloric intake, food choices and essentially deprive themselves from the "cheats" though out the week only to devour them on the Friday night or Saturday BBQ - eliminating all progress made from the strict-ass week of deprivation.

This is a relationship with food that is completely counter intuitive and unhealthy. Same thing applies to people that are "on a diet".

If someone you know is this person, ask them this:

What happens when you're not "on" or otherwise "off" the diet...?

The psychology favours a scarcity mindset in that you're one of the absolutely…, all or nothing, and in my experience that creates much larger problems in the long run.

Instead practice moderation and understand that if your eating habits are 80% better than worse, you should expect 80% results. Discipline doesn't exist on this either - you either love your 6-pack or you love pizza more. It's may fluctuate, but be forgiving with yourself.

Eliminate "cheat days" from your programming. Treat every day and every meal the same. Go on the "One More" Diet - its only one more meal before you're back on track if you happen to eat something that wasn't a part of the optimal "clean eating" nightmare of most nutrition talk out there. Who the eff cares? So much of your results are based on the relationship you have with food - so lets make that relationship about abundance.

Go out and eat a slice of pizza.