Grow your mind, avoid flickering out: Fostering a Growth Mindset

A healthy perspective requires careful work, attention, intention and a willingness to accept criticism as areas of opportunity.

When we are faced with the prospect of failure, some of us take it very hard. It’s not always easy to digest “failure”, but culturing a growth mindset will help you to see things “glass half full” more often and in turn, help you to turn every experience into a win.

What is a Growth Mindset?

A Growth Mindset takes an ordinary event seen as "failure" and finds a way to learn. When criticized, someone with a Growth Mindset looks at ways to take that criticism as a challenge to improve in the areas being criticized. Most importantly, those individuals with a growth mindset simply do not take things personally; good or bad. Everything is opportunity and both failure and success are just "information".

Three Ways to Foster a Growth Mindset

1. Be curious: When things don't go to plan, ask questions.

  • Why did that happen?

  • What could I have done differently to change the outcome?

  • Could I have asked for help or worked harder/more effectively?

2. Embrace Change.

  • Start to look for where opportunity exists when others see none

  • -Get excited when others succeed

  • Understand and accept that change will happen and you can be flexible with your perspectives the things don't pan out as you would have expected. Learn from it and become better prepared for the next time you find yourself in that situation

3. Treat Failure as "information".

  • Outcomes are not right or wrong, just feedback for next time

  • Good or bad is a perception or opinion, so why bother getting hung up on it?

  • In the entertainment industry there's a saying: "You're never as good as they say, and you're never as bad." Just do your thing and it'll all work out as it should

These few tips should help you see the world from the "Tigger-esque" eternal optimistic lens as I do, but know that I wasn't always thinking like this. I trained hard and still catch myself doing fixed-mindset things like negative self-talk and act with envy or jealousy.

It's a work in progress and you too can learn to be more of a growth mindset if you want to. Just gotta put in the reps.




Mike Schwartz