Eatcha Veggies! The Benefits of Enjoying the Rainbow

I've heard it a lot when speaking on nutrition...

"I don't like to eat vegetables."

"I just can't get behind veggie..."

I don't know how to cook."

Usually followed up with some bullshit excuse as to how hard their childhood was and how mommy and daddy forced them to eat broccoli and now they suffer some form of PTSD regarding their vegetable relationship. It's insane.

Eat your veggies! Eat variety to get all the benefits. I was listening to a rad podcast (and have it linked below!) that goes in depth about this topic, but here are my top three reasons why you should eat loads of veggies and of all different colours.


1. Different colours represent different nutrients

Think of the colours representing all the good things you could possibly need. If you only ate the green ones... or the red ones... you're missing all the yellow, blue, orange, pink, purple nutrients. That will lead to an imbalance somewhere down the line and those just don't do anyone any good.

2. Stay interested in the meals

Different foods require different cooking techniques, pair with different foods, and keep you interested in the eating part. Sure, the primary reason to eat should be for fuel, but many of us have a taste relationship priority, so the food needs to not taste like bird feed or lawnmower chop. Eat a bunch of variety so you can develop your palette.

3. Keep it cheap

Seasonal veggies are cheaper in season (if you don't believe me, go try to purchase asparagus in Western Canada when it's out of season...$11 per bundle of 12 spears?! No thanks!)

So you'll save money and learn new foods all in one. Dynamite.

Here's what Dr. Kelly Starrett and co. have to say about the topic. Check it out:

Season 1, Episode 8: The Ready State: Dr. Cate Shanahan

As always, let me know what you think. Oil next time, stay sweet y'all.