Radical thought, that...

This weekend was wild. I got to hear two of my heroes of fitness, wellness and healthy lifestyle; Kelly Starrett and Paul Chek speak about movement. I feel so humbled and like my brain is still going to explode with all the amazing knowledge I took in. Really, reading the articles and hearing them speak and be in action are two worlds apart. If you ever have the opportunity, please go check them out.

The following post exemplifies how easy it is to get lost in the static and the chaos of day to day life. We got to meditate a bit in Paul’s first workshop on Saturday and this is one of the lessons I took away.


Try this exercise:

Breathe in deeply from your diaphragm, filling up your belly with the first 2/3s of the inhale and the last 1/3 filling up the lungs.

Uncomfortable, yes? Let the air out at a natural rate. That counts as one. Repeat.

Try to get to ten repetitions focusing solely on your breath. If another thought comes to mind, start over. Don't worry, Paul told us that is totally normal.

It goes to show how difficult it really is to be entirely focused on one thing. Even when that one thing is the simple (and fundamental!) part of life: breathing.

Toy around with it and with some practice, you might get to 3 or 4 without a distraction...

Give it a go!