New home, literally. Hello, Toronto!

So I've had just about 4 weeks now in my new city. Having been born and raised in the prairie city of Calgary, Alberta... I've got to say, Toronto, the New York of Canada - takes a little getting used to. Bustling streets every night of the week, sirens, horns, a copious amount flat out jay-walking... this about sums up my experience day to day in the big, beautiful city.

I've made my home near midtown Toronto, as I work at St. Clair GoodLife (check the booking page if you'd like a complimentary consult and assessment!) and my little buddy Darwin and I are settling in quite nicely. It was a bit of a nervous time at first, financially speaking as I haven't had steady employment since the start of June. Things are just starting to roll in now and the clouds are starting to make way for the sunshine.

Speaking of weather, holy guacamole is it ever hot in this town. I have worn long sleeves or a jacket only once since arriving. It's a shorts and tank top kinda of atmosphere here, and I'm quite okay with that.

My plan of attack with these blogs will focus around once per week, in an area of interest and expertise of mine. Every Sunday I'll post something interesting about music, movement, nutrition or mindset. Every now and again I may have a tangent where I express poetry, or simply thoughts for you to digest, but overall, this is just a good old fashioned information forum. Feel free to contribute!

That's about it for now. Thank you for your support, I look forward to whatever is next in this new chapter of life and am happy to take you along for the ride.

Love you all,