Where in the world do you wanna go?

Be cautious towards anyone that says you "can't" do it...

And what I mean by that is that the body is able to do anything the mind believes it can. This isn't that hokey The Secret shit. I'm not saying think about being rich and BOOM, you're rolling in a Lambo next weekend.

Success is a four lettered word.


If you really want to experience success, and go anywhere in the world, here's what I'd suggest...

Three Pro Tips To Ensure You're Going Anywhere In The World You Wanna

1. Dream it

Hard to believe something you haven't crafted, right? Start dreaming big. Wilder the better in my books! Once you think about the wildest, most crazy shit you can... start attaching a time frame. The difference between goals and dreams is that goals have time lines. They can be delayed, post-poned and not met, however it's important to dream big (the what) and then attach a due date (the when).

2. Write it down - build the plan

Seriously. If you want to dream big, you had better get a big piece of paper! Write your goals down and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how often you accomplish them. This is even true with daily tasks. I like to write down three things to accomplish each day. I cross them off when I complete them. Also, start manifesting a vision. Curate your own "vision board". I can tell you that my vision board from 2 years ago has all but 2 or 3 things left unachieved. I set a 5 year goal on that, so I'm still 3 years away from achieving it all.

Do you have a vision board? What kind of plan have you created?

Where in the world do you wanna go?

In November I went where I wanted to go - literally. Australia.

3. Take small action steps

Small stones move mountains. The little wins are what engrain that positive behaviour in us that breeds success. So if you wanna go anywhere in the world, it's important to take that first step in the direction. Small actions create big change, but only if they happen. So, one foot in front of the other folks! Let's get moving!

Your Action Plan

I'm a big believer in daily habits. it's what I've found works best myself and have since created a positive behaviour creating system that works for my clients that struggle with productivity.

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That's it, that's all. Stay sweet and stay productive! Dream big!