3 Ways To Win Life Before You Leave The House Each Day

In a world so hyper-focused on Perfection, it's important to track the mini wins each day.

I'm talking about the shit you think nothing of because it's so redundant - that's the stuff we should be emphasizing when we're looking back on the day, week, year, decade... when we sit and think "Shit, what have I done with my life."

See, it's not about the actual accomplishment. It's getting yourself into a winning mindset and creating space for abundance and progress. That glass of water before the coffee may seem insignificant but what you're actually doing is framing a behavioural pattern that translates to the much bigger wins.

Here are three things I do every morning before I leave the house to set myself up for success each day. Granted, there are some days I slip up, and that's okay too... 80/20 here, folks. Be forgiving with yourself.

1. Meditate, Affirm & Be Grateful

Meditation, positive affirmations and gratitude are three key components of my success. I attribute the mindfulness I have discovered and now teach to others in all of my practice as what has kept me away from the heavy bouts of anxiety and depression that I've experienced in the past. Why? Simple: I'm able to take a few minutes away from screens, to be present. I lay in bed upon waking and think about 3 things I want out of the day, then I focus on my breath, affirm what I am and my purpose for the day, and say one or two things I am grateful for. This is a huge positive energy boost to my day and it really helps me focus my oftentimes overactive brain the minute I wake up.

2. Make your bed immediately after you get out of it

Seems like a small, mundane exercise and as kids, our lack of tidiness was typically the bane of our mother's existence... am I right? When you wake up and immediately take action on something small and manageable like this, you set yourself up for wins all day. You won't have the 30 seconds of stress right before bed when you want to sleep. That should count for a lot. Take the 10 seconds right after you get up to set your intent!

3. Drink a glass of room temperature water

You've been sleeping and losing moisture through breath all night (hopefully!) and your body needs the proper fix right at wake up. I head immediately to the mineral water tank in my home, grab a big glass from the shelf and fill it with room temperature water (for ease of digestion and absorption). If I've got lemon wedges kicking around or some sort of fruit I'll throw that in too for flavour! Hydrate immediately to set intent on your nutrition and the fuel for the fire for the rest of the day!

That's it, that's all folks. If you have any other suggestions or wanna share how you create success please comment of fire me a note at yo@therockdr.com.

Til next time, stay sweet!

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