The Pretender

How many of you are familiar with the phenomena known as The Imposter Syndrome?

This is the psychological pattern which is by definition the undying feeling of one day being exposed as a fraud, a phoney or a complete fake. It is the feeling that you are not what is made out to be, and is very common among the celebrities and higher profile personas in the world.


Here is a question that comes in the wake of my recent publicity regarding Mr. Grohl of the Foo Fighters: If you constantly have to put yourself out there as the good guy, the hero and Rock 'n Roll's Knight in Shining Armour, good on you... but do you ever take a moment to appreciate yourself?

I challenge you to show love to yourself as much as you show love to others.

Doing to others as you'd have them do unto you is the easy part. The hard part is being kind to yourself. Not abusing yourself emotionally, physically or otherwise. None of it, none of it, man.

I refer back to the airplane example.

If we lose cabin pressure, Dave - you can't save us all without first strapping that mask on yourself.

You're a legend. Treat yourself as one. Treat yourself as you would the folks you invite on stage....the blind kid, the kid that slayed the Metallica tunes, the KISS guy... all of it means shit if you're not around.

The Pretender complex has to stop. Heal man. Heal. I'm pulling for you. Yeah yeah yeah, I get it... you're a patron saint in the eyes of the media. You can do no wrong... even the media and all your beloved fans turn a blind eye when you explicitly admit to alcoholism and addiction. No one seems to think those things could take down the mighty King.

We'll know you're focusing on yourself when you stop with the absurd amounts of "nice guy" news. You're kinda like that girl on Bumble that reiterates that she's not into games and wants to have a clear, open and honest relationship... then you flip to her photos that are clearly makeup selfie 1245/1234567 and shot through 16 filters and shot at an angle to not catch any unwanted imperfections... never mind the fact that she wants a clear, open and honest relationship on an online dating site....

I'm sick of hearing about nice guy Dave only because that's not the full scoop... I know there's some emotional trauma in there and I hope you can deal with it before it deals with you.

Just be.

Talk to someone if you're struggling, people. There's lots of resources out there and loads of people that love you. Just talk.

Who to talk to

Canadian Music Professionals get in touch with Unison Benevolent Fund.

Free to register. Emergency financial and counselling services available 24/7

If you're in Australia check out Support Act... same kinda deal just down under.

And finally in the UK you can get in touch with Help Musicians UK.